Easy Waves Classic Product Range

Easy Waves unique range of products is designed to meet the styling needs of fashion conscious women. Tried and tested, they’re easy to use making it even easier to create your own unique look no matter what the occasion, all in the comfort of your home or salon. The range offers great aftercare products to help you create and maintain your style every day. It is all about STYLE!

Crème Relaxers & Neutralising Shampoo

  • Easy Waves Crème Relaxers are available in NORMAL & COARSE variants in the following sizes (for consumers) 125ml, 250ml, 450ml
  • Use together with the Easy Waves Neutralizing Shampoo for perfect results


  • Leaves hair 3 x Stronger
  • Strengthens Hair from the Inside Out as it contains proteins, collagen & nutrients
  • Gives your clients strong,, shiny and beautiful straight hair
  • Betaine – binds the hair cuticle, strengthening and reducing breakage
  • L-Lysine Amino Acids – are the building block of proteins.
  • They increase the strength of both virgin and damaged hair
  • Quick to process and easy to rinse
  • Less Irritation

125ml, 250ml, 450ml

Easy Waves Anti-Frizz Oil Sheen Spray


  • Fights frizz and adds an all-day glossy sheen to any style.
  • Its light, non-greasy formula with added silicones and conditioners smooth and soothes the hair cuticle to give even the toughest hair a really beautiful, polished finish.
  • Designed to deep penetrate and condition the scalp, it reduces dryness and flaking.
  • Rain and humidity can play havoc with your hair leaving it out of control and unmanageable, with a quick spritz, it locks out humidity to protect your style for longer.


Great for use on natural, relaxed, permed, artificial and braided hair.
Daily use protects your hair and style from humidity

300ml aerosol spray

Coconut Hair Food

This superior hairfood is enriched with coconut oil. Used regularly it promotes both a healthy scalp and hair. As coconut is high in protein, it is designed to strengthen and repair hair. Stylists recommended using it for dry, brittle hair as it reduces breakage and restores the natural moisture


  • Fights frizz and adds an all-day glossy sheen to any style. Promotes healthy scalp & hair
  • Suitable for all hair types & styles
  • Relieves dry scalp – even under weaves and braids
  • Feeds dry Brittle hair
  • Great as a base before you relax
  • Great for aftercare – a quality product to sell from your salon

125ml, 250ml, 1l

Curl Activator Gel and Oil Sheen Comb Out Conditioner Hairspray


• Suitable for Afro styles as well
• These are “styles” two best friends
• They provide texture and control
• They define the curl and condition the hair
• Results in Soft, shiny and easy to manage hair

2 X 250ml banded pack:

Pink Oil Mineral Oil – Moisturiser & Spray


  •  Gives extra sheen and adds moisture
  • Great for heat styling – protects hair from damage
  • Extra treatment for dry & brittle hair
  • Its conditioning enriched formula is not water based so –
  • It provides hair with the extra treatment it needs giving it extra sheen and moisture.
  • Used prior to heat styling it protects from heat damage.
  • Used regularly it helps to reduces hair breakage.


Great to treat dry or brittle hair.

125ml, 250ml

Easy Waves Oil Sheen Comb Out Conditioner Spray


  • For NATURAL styles
  • Keeps hair hydrated and looking good and feeling its best at all times
  • Fits into a low maintenance lifestyle – quick and easy to use
  • Reduces damage and breakage when styling natural hair
  • Affordable hair therapy for natural hair