Easy Waves Argan Moroccan Oil and Vitamin E Range

There’s a reason Argan Moroccan Oil is called ‘Liquid Gold’. For centuries it’s been renowned for its incredibly moisturising properties. Our unique blend of Argan Moroccan Oil, Vitamin E and Panthenol will keep your scalp and hair nourished, conditioned and full of life.

Each product in our Argan Moroccan Oil range has a Moisture Rich formulation to leave your hair and scalp feeling more hydrated, well-conditioned and as a result –  softer, stronger and more resilient to damage.

The Boost It effect of the range ensures you can achieve the hairstyles you love with healthy, voluminous curls.

Let the nourishing products in our new range help you maintain healthy hair and improve your gorgeous hairstyles.

Try our new Easy Waves Argan Moroccan Oil range today. With regular usage, you can make each day a good-hair day!

Easy Waves Boost Out Curl Relaxer

Our Boost Out Curl Relaxer is formulated to give you a softer, looser curl for styling versatility.

It’s an easy way to add texture and volume, while making your “natural-look” styles easier to achieve.

Easy Waves Boost It Everyday Moisture Shampoo

Neutralise and moisturise your hair in one go with our Boost It Everyday Moisture Shampoo. With a special indicator to neutralise chemically treated hair, it gently cleanses away dirt and removes all traces of chemicals while hydrating your hair. It can also be used as a moisturising shampoo for everyday washing.

Easy Waves Boost It Curl Moisture Spray and Gel

Whether wet or dry, our Boost It Curl Moisture Spray will make your hair so much easier to comb and detangle. It’s a great product for all hair types including relaxed, natural or hair extensions.

Trust our Boost It Curl Moisture Gel to give your hair some definition worth recognition.

It reactivates, hydrates and conditions your hair without weighing it down. It also keeps your scalp moisturised.

Easy Waves Boost It Curl Moisture Lotion

Look no further than our Boost It Curl Moisture Lotion for improved texture, lustre and endless styling possibilities. It deeply penetrates, nourishes and moisturises each strand for better curl definition.

Easy Waves Moroccan Oil Boost It Daily Oil Sheen Spray

Bring your hair back to life! Easy Waves Moroccan Oil Boost It Daily Oil Sheen Spray enriched with Argan Oil is a light-weight, mineral oil free spray that enhances lustre and shine. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless, flyaway hair and hello to more beautiful, healthy hair.