Hairfood Range

In response to a growing trend to harnesses the goodness of mother nature in hair care – all available in 150ml ( 125ml + 25ml Free)

Rooibos – Beauty from the African Bush

  • Ideal for Sensitive Scalps
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties that soothes the scalp and helps to relieve itching & other scalp-related irritations including dandruff
  • Rich in anti-Oxidants that help replenish the hair’s natural lustre, leaving it with a lasting shine

150ml ( 125ml + 25ml Free)

Amla – Beautiful Hair from Mother Earth

  • Ideal for dry & thinning hair
  • Helps deep condition the scalp
  • When used regularly it is a great way to feed & nourish dry and thinning hair
  • Treats the hair and gives the scalp a protective coating, leaving hair healthy & shiny

150ml ( 125ml + 25ml Free)

Lanolin – Hairfood for Thirsty Curls & Natural Styles

  • Ideal for thirsty curls & natural styles
  • Penetrates the hair and locks in moisture
  • The Lanolin helps nourish & condition curly hair – making it perfect for natural hair & styling
  • Helps to retain & seal moisture by penetrating the hair shaft and helps protect hair from breakage
  • Helps smooth down stray hairs while adding shine

150ml ( 125ml + 25ml Free)